The Man Behind the Jewels

As President, CEO and Head Designer of Bergio, Berge Abajian performs a highly successful balancing act, accomplished with equal parts precision and passion. An informed and inspirational leader, Berge directs the company with the eye and soul of a designer and the mind of a businessman. The role that is perhaps closest to his heart, however, is that of designer. With family jewelry roots reaching back the 1930s, Berge is a third generation jeweler and a purist when it comes to design. Berge’s understanding of every aspect, in both design and manufacturing, creates collections that are nothing short of peerless in craftsmanship and style.

Berge came to the United States with his family in the mid 1970s. He pursued his education, graduating from an American university and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He learned the family jewelry business first hand in America, but opportunity and travel beckoned. His adventurous spirit and his desire to design with colored stones eventually led him to Brazil. It was there that he first encountered the exotic yellow and pink diamonds that would ultimately become his specialty and presence in future Bergio collections.

Armed with knowledge gained in the family business and ventures abroad, Berge established his own company, Bergio, in 1995. The market debut of Bergio Fine and subsequent Bergio Bridal and Bergio Couture collections instantly caught the attention of trade, media and consumers alike.

His leadership and vision for almost 20 years has built Bergio into an international presence and cemented its position as a leader in design and craftsmanship. Berge sets great value on developing and nurturing honest partnerships with retailers and customers. “I am in the business of jewelry, not the jewelry business,” explains Berge, “as such, my retailers and customers are an important facet of the process, from design to delivery.”

Berge’s bold business strategy of going public in 2008 has allowed Bergio to grow, diversify and increase its global presence and sensibility. Continued market strength in the United States coupled with international expansion, particularly into Moscow and Eastern Europe, are the focal points for 2014.